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Worth the Money!


What financial support is there?

inlingua Salzburg is a quality-certified language institute (Ö-Cert), so private individuals and companies can take advantage of funding (e.g. AMS, …). On this page you will find information and links for funding programs.

We recommend that you check with the respective authorities whether you are eligible for the respective program.

Austria-wide Programs

Are you attending a language course at inlingua Salzburg, but have your main residence in another federal state? No problem!

Here you will find an overview of all the possibilities in Austria for financial support for your language training and further education:

Available for people in Salzburg and Upper Austria:

Salzburger Bildungsscheck

The “Salzburger Bildungsscheck” promotes job-oriented further education or language training in which qualifications are imparted that can either be applied directly in professional life or are the prerequisite for a desired professional change. The aim of this funding campaign is to improve the professional qualifications of employees whose main place of residence is in the state of Salzburg:

Salzburger Bildungsscheck (German only)

OÖ Bildungskonto

Persons with their main residence in the state of Upper Austria can also apply for funding, even if they are completing a language course at inlingua Salzburg. You can find more details on the OÖ Bildungskonto website:

OÖ Bildungskonto (German only)

New Salzburg residents

Migrants can receive financial support in the form of the blue ÖIF federal voucher. The settlement authorities – i.e. magistrate or district authority – issue the voucher to so-called family members under certain circumstances. This means spouses or minors of Austrians, Swiss, EEA citizens and third-country nationals. There are certain financial limits and deadlines for support by means of a voucher: Those participants who have successfully completed a certified German course at A2 level by means of an ÖIF exam within 18 months of the voucher being issued receive funding for a maximum of 300 teaching units or 50 percent of the course costs, but no more than 750 euros (or max. EUR 2.50 per completed teaching unit).