crosssing language barriers


Whether you


• want to learn from scratch or improve your skills, or
• are looking for work,
• are studying,
• learn for your profession.


To learn a Language, we offer the perfect program on all levels for you.


In our  courses, participants will learn to express themselves in the relevant language step by step, with growing skillfulness. Focus of the training is the oral expression and listening comprehension. Of course, reading and writing skills are trained as well. In our courses you can choose between individual trainings (TOP-training), day courses and evening classes.

Our group courses are offered at all levels from beginner level A1 to level C2.

Your advantage with our course system
If prior knowledge already exists, the student can join at any time an already existing course. So you do not need to wait until the next course begins.

After successful completion you will receive your certificate of attendance or do one of our examinations.