The Level System of the GER

The basic levels are:

A: Elementary proficiency
B: Intermediate proficiency
C: Advanced proficiency

These are devided into 6 more  language levels :

A1 – Beginner

Can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple phrases aimed at satisfying specific needs. Can introduce yourself and others and ask other people questions about their person – e.g. where they live, what kind of people they know or what kind of things they own – and can answer questions like that. Can communicate in a simple way if the interlocutors speak slowly and clearly and are prepared to help.

A2 – Basic knowledge

Can understand phrases and commonly used phrases related to areas of most immediate relevance (for example, personal and family information, shopping, work, nearby environment). Can communicate in simple, routine situations that involve a simple and direct exchange of information about everyday and familiar things. Can easily describe your own background and education, the immediate environment and things related to immediate needs.

B1 – Lower medium level

Can understand the main points when using clear standard language and when it comes to familiar things from work, school, leisure, and so on. Can handle most of the situations encountered while traveling in the language area. Can express yourself easily and coherently on familiar topics and personal areas of interest. Can report on experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and goals and give brief reasons or explanations to plans and views.

B2 – Upper medium level

Can understand the main content of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics; can also understands technical discussions in their own area of expertise. Can communicate spontaneously and fluently that a normal conversation with native speakers is easily possible on both sides without much effort. Can express yourself clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics, explain a point of view on a topical issue and state the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

C1 – Advanced level

Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and also understand implicit meanings. Can express yourself spontaneously and fluently, without having to search for words more clearly. Can use the language in social and professional life or in education and study effectively and flexibly. Can articulate clearly, structurally and in detail on complex issues using appropriate means of textual linking.

C2 – Excellent level

Can easily understand anything you read or hear. Can summarize information from various written and oral sources, give reasons and explanations in a coherent presentation. Can express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, and make even finer nuances of meaning clearer in more complex situations.