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Why inlingua –

10 reasons which speak for us:


Our quality Guidelines




1. Native Speaker

Lessons in the target language – with qualified and native teachers – guarantee a maximum of success.

2. small groups

Small, homogenous groups with a maximum of six students and frequent quizzes ensure success.

 3. communication

The focus of each training (no matter if group or individual lessons) is laid on the ability to communicate.

 4. comprehensive

Our concept is comprehensive, i.e. method, material and training of our teachers are well-matched.

 5. individual

Individual consulting as well as placement tests guarantee that you will find the suitable course.

6. specific

If requested we will conduct a demand analysis and will arrange a program geared to your needs.

 7. proved

The course certificates of your inlingua school are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and thus guarantee international comparability.

 8. worldwide

Modular structured programs allow you to smoothly continue your language acquisition in any of the other 44 inlingua countries, since: inlingua is represented around the world and the same quality standards apply.

9. funded

In case of meeting the criteria and guidelines, you can claim public sponsorship and tax breaks for your inlingua course.

 10. great atmosphere

Learning at our centrally located premises, with beautiful atmosphere is great fun.