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Virtual Classroom: New Days, New Ways, New Services

Interactive and location-independent language course via internet – alone or in a group of up to 10 persons at the same time.

You communicate with your teacher in a learning environment that you can set up – according to your wishes – whether it is in your office at work, at home or in the hotel room during a business trip.

Your advantages:

  • personal training with a skilled native speaker from inlingua Salzburg
  • interaktive and flexible training (1 lesson hour = 45 or60 min.)
  • no travelling to the inlingua school, so you spare the travel costs and time
  • extended, unlimited possibility to rework (meetings can be taped!)

Learn a language of your choice with a specially trained inlingua trainer in live classes with either WebEx or Zoom, to which we will give you access via a login to our platform. You have eye contact on your screen with your trainer and with the other participants in group classes. You will speak and communicate as if in a real classroom and you will work together on a whiteboard.

What do you need?

  • modern PC/tablet/Mac with broadband internet access 
  • webcam, microphone and speakers or head set
  • Adobe Flash Player

Our present COVID-19 offer:

5 meetings  60 min. each  = old price € 370,-     NEW € 265,-
10 meetings  60 min. each = old price € 720,-   NEW € 530,-
20 meetings  60 min. each = old price € 1.399,-   NEW € 1.060,-

For further infos or a specific offer please contact us at

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Virtual Classroom – the innovative way to learn a language at inlingua!


inlingua Online Learning

inlingua Online Learning (iOL) is a professional online learning platform.
With iOL, you get an additional exercise option that helps you with your language learning.
Through personalized online access, you can access the learning platform, anytime, anywhere.

With more than 4,000 exercises, it efficiently supports you in achieving your personal language learning goals.

Das inlingua Online Learning umfasst:

  • a workbook with numerous exercises, individually tailored to the respective level of knowledge
  • a grammar book with explanations and exercises for all grammatical structures and thus an ideal reference book
  • exercises for oral expression and listening comprehension, i.e.  many narrative texts, a collection of phrases and a variety of voice recordings
  • numerous vocabulary exercises to build up the vocabulary, colloquial language or vocabulary for the professional
  • amessage system to communicate with the teacher or other students; through the message system you receive your corrected written homework by e-mail
  • a monolingual dictionary that automatically stores the words that are being looked up. Based on these entries you can edit targeted vocabulary exercises


iOL is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Flexible learning with fun and joy makes for an easy access to a foreign language. We are glad to help you with that.

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