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The inlingua Online Learning (iOL) is a professional online learning platform. With iOL you get an additional exercise opportunity that will help you in learning foreign languages​​. Through a personalized online access, you can access your personal learning platform at any time and from anywhere via internet. With more than 4,000 exercises, it helps you to efficiently achieve your personal language learning goals.

• a workbook with numerous exercises, individually adapted to the respective knowledge
• a grammar book with explanations and exercises for all grammatical structures and thus an ideal reference book
• Exercises for oral expression and listening comprehension, including many narrative texts, a collection of sayings and different voice recordings
• Numerous vocabulary exercises to expand vocabulary, as desired for general language training or training for professional use
• a message system to communicate with the online coach or other students; via the message system you receive your corrected written homework by e-mail
• a monolingual dictionary in which the looked-up words are saved automatically. Based on these entries, you can edit targeted vocabulary exercises.

The iOL is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German as a foreign language.
Flexible learning with fun and joy creates an easy approach to a foreign language. We like to help you.

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