crosssing language barriers

inlingua language tests
All certificates of inlingua International have an excellent reputation especially among domestic companies and international corporations, public authorities and state agencies.
Due to the high level of expertise in the field of inlingua language training certificates reach additional significance.

All examinations can be taken
in the business sector or
in general language area
each exactly on the steps of the European Framework

The tests usually follow a course, in order to document the current level of performance, but can also be booked externally on request.


Each test consists of five parts of the examination
1 Grammar and vocabulary
2 reading comprehension
3 listening
4 writing
5 speaking
Thus, the candidate receives a convincing, qualified report that accurately documents the achievements in various parts of the exam.



Examination dates can be scheduled with us individually.
Costs for students
and external examination candidates

A1 = 70,00 Euro (external 90,00 Euro)
Duration: 70 minutes

A2 = 80,00 Euro (external 100,00 Euro)
B1 = 90,00 Euro (external 100,00 Euro)
B2 = 90,00 Euro (external 100,00 Euro)
Duration: 90 minutes