German Integration Courses

IS118-024-AL-bearbIntegrative Courses

inlingua is certified by the Austrian government to assist immigrants/persons seeking asylum/refugees in integrating into the Austrian culture by offering language courses. Accordingly, should the appropriate conditions be met, € 750 can be reimbursed for German small group courses.



What is the Integration Agreement?

The 2011 Integration Agreement (IA) serves the linguistic integration of migrants who want to settle permanently in Austria. This currently applies to migrants (third country nationals, i.e. non-EU citizens) who came into the country after July 1, 2011. By signing the Integration Agreement, migrants commit to acquiring sufficient German language skills within two years.

What are your responsibilities in the 2011 IA?

The 2011 IA consists of two modules: module 1 and module 2:

  • Module 1

Level A2 after 2 years: After receiving the initial residence permit in Austria, you have two years during which you must prove that you have reached level A2 in the European Framework of Reference for Languages. By doing so you fulfill Module 1 of the 2011 IA. Evidence of level A2 is to be provided with an accepted language certificate.

Attention: Please note the information on cost reimbursement below!

  • Module 2

Level B1 for permanent residence and Austrian citizenship:

If you are applying for permanent residence in Austria and/or Austrian citizenship, you need level B1 German skills according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. This level fulfills Module 2 of the Integration Agreement. Fulfilling Module 2 is not compulsory and is not reimbursed.

What kind of support is available?

Migrants can receive financial support in the form of the blue ÖIF federal voucher. The responsible authorities – municipal authority or administrative district authority – issue the voucher to family members under certain circumstances. In this case, family members are spouses or under aged children of Austrians, Swiss, EEA citizens, and third country nationals.

The following financial and time restrictions apply for financial support through a voucher:

Participants who have successfully completed a certified German course at level A2 with an ÖIF test within 18 months after the voucher was issued receive compensation for a maximum of 300 class hours or 50% of the course costs, maximum €750.